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Pruning a tree in West Palm Beach can cost as low as $75 or as high as $2000, depending on the time needed to complete the procedure. Tree pruners charge $450 for an average-sized tree, although most people with medium-sized trees pay $350 – $650 depending on how complicated the tree pruning is. 

The tree pruning cost varies significantly depending on several major factors. In this detailed guide, we will take a deeper look at all the factors that affect the cost of pruning a tree. 

Tree Pruning Cost Factors in West Palm Beach 

1. Tree Size

Tree height is a determining factor when it comes to the amount of time that professionals spend on each tree. A 100-foot oak tree will have more branches, a bigger crown spread, and a bigger branch diameter than a 20-foot crepe myrtle. To remove all the right branches, professionals will take more time on the oak tree. 

As the height of the tree increases, the risks associated with the tree also increase. Falling from the 100-foot oak tree will have more devastating effects compared to falling from the 20-foot tree. This often forces the tree pruners to carry more safety gear when pruning taller trees. 

Reaching the tree crown on a tall tree will take more time compared to climbing a smaller tree. This too can increase the tree pruning cost. 

  • Small tree pruning cost – Trees in this category have a height of under 30 feet. They feature the least complications and their pruning procedure can be finished in less than an hour. Depending on how complicated small tree pruning is, you may be charged $75 – $400. 
  • Medium tree pruning cost – Medium-sized trees have a height of 30 to 60 feet. In West Palm Beach, professionals charge $150 to $800 to prune these trees. 
  • Large tree pruning cost – These trees have a height of 60 to 80 feet. Compared to small and medium trees, large tree pruning takes more time. This puts the tree pruning cost between $800 and $1500. 
  • Very large tree pruning cost – These trees are taller than 80 feet. In most cases, the trees take the most time to prune. If you have mature white pines, oak trees, and other large tree species, you should expect a tree pruning cost of between $1500 and $2000. 

2. Tree Species 

Tree species determine the height of a tree and how complicated the tree pruning process will be. An oak tree is a hardwood tree species that grows to a height of 100+ feet. Crepe myrtle is a softwood tree that reaches a height of 3 to 30 feet. Pruning the oak tree will always be more expensive than pruning the crepe myrtle. 

Below, we have outlined the tree pruning costs for some of the trees commonly found in West Palm Beach: 

Avocado Tree Pruning Cost 

Avocado is one of the common fruit trees in the Western Palm Beach region. Homeowners, however, plant the dwarf and the large varieties. Depending on how big your tree is, you should expect a tree pruning cost of $350 to $700. 

Olive Tree Pruning Cost 

Productivity takes a down dive when olive tree pruning is ignored. Olive branches need enough sunlight for their flowers to set and become fruits. It is through pruning that olive tree owners open up olive tree crowns, ensuring that all branches have access to sunlight – this procedure costs $350 to $700. 

Maple Tree Pruning Cost 

Maples fit in the medium to the large category. The tree matures at a height of between 40 and 100 feet. Depending on how big your palm tree is, you should expect a tree pruning cost of $400 to $1000. 

Pine Tree Pruning Cost 

Pines are some of the largest trees in the West Palm Beach region – the trees mature at heights of between 80 and 150 feet. The tree, however, may start needing pruning at a height of 40 feet. Depending on white pine’s current tree height, owners spend $200 to $2000 on tree pruning. 

Crepe Myrtle Tree Pruning Cost 

People with crepe myrtles on their compounds benefit from the most affordable tree pruning cost. The tree matures at heights of between 3 and 30 feet. Depending on how big your crepe myrtle is, you may be charged $75 – $400. 

Palm Tree Pruning Cost 

Palm trees are large trees, growing to a height of 80 feet at maturity. However, these trees start needing tree pruning at a much smaller height – you may start pruning them at a height of about 20 feet. Depending on how big your palm tree is, expect a tree pruning cost of $100 to $1,500. 

3. Accessibility 

Tree pruners are eliminating tree climbing boots and other gear needed when climbing a tree manually. These are being replaced with bucket trucks – bucket trucks make things extremely simple for the tree pruners since reaching the tree crown is much easier and takes less time. Also, the bucket trucks improve safety, minimizing the chances of falling. 

Bucket trucks, however, have one major limitation – they can only be used on trees with enough parking space. In West Palm Beach, it is common for trees to be surrounded by utilities and/or other trees, making the use of bucket trucks impossible. In such a scenario, manual climbing is the only options. 

Manual climbing increases the tree pruning cost, with tree owners paying 30% to 40% extra. If you are being charged $1000 to prune your 90-foot pine tree with a bucket truck, the cost may increase to between $1,300 and $1,400 if the professionals have to climb the pine manually. 

4. Proximity to Utilities

The chances of property damage increase as the tree gets closer to important utilities. If the tree is standing next to your house, the branches cannot be allowed to fly off to the ground – they have to be lowered down slowly. 

Professionals tie the branches with ropes and then take their time to control their falling path to ensure that your home does not suffer negative impacts. This procedure takes more time and tends to increase the tree pruning cost. 

5. Tree Health 

Trees are often affected by a variety of pests and diseases. While these may have different symptoms, they have one major effect – they weaken the tree. When pruning an unhealthy tree, the pruners have to take all the necessary safety measures to reduce the chances of falling if they step on weak branches. 

Also, diseased trees take more time to prune because professionals have to remove all the affected branches to keep the disease from spreading. This generally increases the tree pruning cost. 

Arborist service is often a requirement when pruning pest-infested or diseased trees. The arborist will inspect the tree, figure out which health complication is affecting it, and recommend the best solutions. The cost of arborist service and the cost of the solutions (pesticides or medications) may increase the tree pruning cost by $50 to $500. 

6. Additional Costs 

Contrary to what some people assume, the quoted tree pruning cost may be less than the total amount you end up paying. Some of the extra costs you should anticipate include: 

Cleanup Costs 

Professional tree pruners may charge you $25 to $100 to clean up your compound. This cost will take care of the time needed to clean and the dumping costs. 

Travel Fees 

You can avoid paying the travel fees by working with professionals closest to your property. If, however, you decide to invite professionals living too far from your property, you may incur a travel fee of $0.5 per mile. 

Factors Affecting the Timing for Tree Pruning 

You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to prune your trees. Professionals suggest considering the following factors to determine the best time for pruning a tree: 

  • Safety – If your tree has hazardous branches, prune it as soon as possible. This will help you avoid injuries and property damage. 
  • Tree health – If you notice signs of ill-health, invest in pruning immediately. This will keep the disease from spreading to other parts. 
  • Property value – if you intend to sell your property, pruning can be timed to coincide with when you will be inviting a property valuer. This will give your property the highest value. 
  • Dormant stage – This is the best period to prune trees. In the dormant stage, trees stop growing actively – this makes pruning much safer since the probability of significant injury is reduced. 

How to Save Money on Tree Pruning

  • Hire tree pruners in the off-season to enjoy lower prices
  • Work with professionals nearest your home to avoid the travel fee 
  • Keep your trees healthy to avoid spending money on treatment 
  • Use DIY pruning on small non-risky trees 
  • If you have trees near powerlines, let the power company prune them for you
  • Ask for cost estimates from multiple tree service providers – this will allow you to choose the most affordable company 
  • Take care of the cleaning instead of paying the professionals to do it
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